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Meet Our Producers
Sparkling Wine
Raventós i Blanc

Raventós i Blanc is one of the oldest wineries in the world. It has been in the Raventos family since 1497 and specializes in sparkling wines. The family is committed to the natural and historic heritage of their estate, going to great lengths to promote biological diversity and improve sustainability.

Organic Farming
Biodynamic Farming
Dry Farmed
Hand-Picked Grapes
Sustainability Measures

The vineyards are plowed by horse rather than tractor, allowing insects and fungi to flourish. This strengthens the roots of the vines, reducing CO2 emissions. Goats and sheep maintain the farm, creating a self-sufficient ecosystem.

Certified Organic by Competent Body of Catalonia

Certified Biodynamic by Demeter

Fun Facts

Because the Mediterranean Sea previously covered the land, the limestone soil is full of marine fossils which bring acidity and minerality to the wines.

White Wine
Can Ràfols dels Caus

Can Ràfols dels Caus is a family-owned winery with Roman origins and today is one of the most dynamic properties in Penedès. The estate sits on a mountain range along the Mediterranean coast and on the property you will find vineyards, olive trees, and almond trees, all of which are organically grown.

Organic Farming
Indigenous Yeast
Dry Farmed
Hand-Picked Grapes
Sustainability Measures

The cellar is carved into the rock, providing a natural environment to keep the grapes chilled. Additionally, the wine is moved by using gravity instead of pumps or heavy machinery, further preserving energy.

Certified Organic by the Competent Body of Catalonia

Fun Facts

Can Ràfols dels Caus was one of the first wineries in the world to use the Xarel.lo grape for still wines not just sparkling wine.

Rosé Wine
Mas de Cadenet

The Negrel Family is one of the oldest wine making families in the Provence region. Now run by sister and brother, Maud and Matthieu, the property has been in the Negrel family since 1813 and sits in the heart of Provence, France. The family believes that organic farming is the best way to respect the land for generations to come.

Organic Farming
Low Irrigation (As Necessary)
Sustainability Measures

Mas de Cadenet grows chickpeas on the farm to provide a natural source of nitrogen for the vines.

Certified Organic by Bureau Veritas

Fun Facts

The name Mas de Cadenet can be translated as “the estate where junipers grow." 

P.S. You can find dinosaur fossils in the vineyard.

Red Wine

EthicDrinks was founded by Mickael Alborghetti, a fourth-generation winemaker with a family vineyard in the Burgundy region of France. Today he’s based in Bordeaux, and grows sustainable, organic grapes across several lush regions of the French countryside. His winery is certified carbon-neutral and plastic-free, making him one of the most sustainable winemakers in all of France.

Organic Farming
Dry Farmed
Sustainability Measures

In addition to carefully considering recyclable packaging and more sustainable transportation methods, EthicDrinks plants forests throughout France to offset their carbon footprint completely. The winery also partners with WWF France and Surfrider to protect biodiversity on land and in the ocean. 

Certified organic by ECOCERT

Certified carbon neutral

Fun Facts

The team at EthicDrinks is made up of mostly women! They are also working on making shoes and bags out of the materials left over from pressing grapes.

Just clean, delicious wine™
Grapes in Good Company
Each of our ingredients is naturally derived and carefully considered.

A natural by-product of fermentation, sulfites stabilize wine. While wine can legally have up to 350ppm of sulfites, we add just enough to ensure it consistently tastes great, always keeping the total amount to under 100ppm. Present in our white, rosé, red, and sparkling.

Bentonite Clay
This naturally-occurring, ultra-fine clay binds to proteins in the wine, then is carefully filtered out to help maintain clarity. Present in our white, rosé, red, and sparkling.

Pea protein
A vegan, non-GMO, and non-allergenic solution for clarifying and stabilizing wine. Present in our rosé.

Cream of Tartar
A byproduct of winemaking, we add a bit to accelerate our cold-stabilization, a process that keeps crystals from forming in the wine. Present in our rosé.

The difference between wine and grape juice, yeast kicks off the fermentation process. Our yeast is either indigenous to the grapes or certified for use in organic production. Present in our white and rosé.

Yeast Nutrient
A naturally-occurring product, our yeast nutrients assist with fermentation. Present in our rosé. 

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