Our Story

Our Story

Like most good stories,
ours starts with a glass
of wine.
As the wine started to flow one sunny afternoon, so did our conversation about it.

We knew the contents of everything that went onto and into our bodies — why not wine?

Avaline red, rosé, sparkling, and white in glasses.Avaline red, rosé, sparkling, and white in glasses.

Our journey to answer this question led us to create Avaline — delicious, organically farmed wines full of natural goodness and free from unwanted and undisclosed extras.

Girl holding a glass of Avaline rosé.Girl holding a glass of Avaline rosé.

When we know what’s in our glass, we can let the wine work its undeniable magic: transforming meals, sparking love, and bringing us closer to those we care about.

Pour with confidence,

The Avaline Difference

Made With Organic Grapes

We work with growers who rely solely on nature to grow healthy fruit, free from synthetic pesticides.

No Unnecessary Additives

Our wines are full of natural goodness and nothing that doesn’t belong — no concentrates, colors, or added sugars.

Transparently Produced

We believe in holding our wine to a higher standard. Unlike other wine brands, we tell you what’s in your pour.

Green grapes.

Wine Transparency

It starts with organic grapes, and little else.

Winemakers are legally required to disclose very little. There’s no obligation to tell you how the grapes are grown, or to list the 70+ additives used to alter the taste, color, and mouthfeel.

With Avaline, you’ll never question what’s inside the bottle.

Avaline white being help up.Avaline white being help up.

We believe in making delicious wine accessible to everyone.