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Like most good stories, ours starts with a few glasses of wine.

Our Journey

It was a beautiful Los Angeles afternoon in the backyard with friends. As the wine started to flow, so did our conversation about it. We knew the contents of everything that went onto and into our bodies—why not wine? 

Our journey to answer that question led us to create Avaline, a range of clean wines that are full of natural goodness and free from dozens of unwanted and undisclosed extras. It’s wine at its purest, created with discerning drinkers (and friends) in mind, who embrace the pleasure of a whole life and a relaxed approach to wellbeing. 

With Avaline, there’s no need to question what’s inside the bottle. When we know what’s in our glass, we can let the wine work its undeniable magic: transforming meals, sparking love, and bringing us closer to those we care about. Pour with confidence, enjoy, repeat. 

The Wine Asking Why

As winemakers, we are not required to tell you much about what’s in your bottle, but at Avaline, we choose to.

Winemakers are legally required to disclose very little about their wines.  Those disclosures only reveal information such as growing and bottling locations, whether the wine contains sulfites, and the percentage of alcohol. There’s no obligation to tell you how their grapes are grown or to name any of the more than 70 additives that are used in the winemaking process to alter the taste, color, and mouthfeel of what is in your glass.

We believe in holding our wine to a higher standard. Here’s to a new class of beverage: delicious taste, clean ingredients, bold transparency. 

Our mission is to champion a new standard in wine by making clean wine accessible to everyone.

It Starts with Organic Grapes

We believe that starting with organically farmed grapes is the most important step in making delicious clean wine. Our wines are certified organic by the governing body where the wine is made: the Competent Body of Catalonia and Bureau Veritas Certification. This guarantees that they are never farmed with harsh synthetic pesticides. We think of Avaline as simply organic grapes, fermented to perfection.

Free of Unwanted Additives

We promise to never use any unnecessary additives, and to always be transparent about exactly what our wine is made with—because you don’t need many ingredients to make great wine. Each of our ingredients is carefully considered and explained here.

Avaline wines are full of natural goodness and nothing that doesn’t belong—so you can focus on the delicious flavor and those you share it with.

Raising the Glass

  • Made from organic grapes grown without synthetic pesticides
  • Vegan-friendly fining
    free from animal
  • No added artificial ingredients
  • No added sugars, colors, or concentrates
  • Total nutritional transparency

What are the products in your bar cart, on your countertop, and inside your refrigerator you’d like to see reinvented, reinvestigated,  or cleaned up? We’d love your feedback and thoughts—especially if they’re sparked by a few glasses of wine. Let’s build the world we want to live in—and drink up—together. 

Email us at hello@drinkavaline.com

Just clean, delicious wine™
Grapes in Good Company
Each of our ingredients is naturally derived and carefully considered.

A natural by-product of fermentation, sulfites stabilize wine. While wine can legally have up to 350ppm of sulfites, we add just enough to ensure it consistently tastes great, always keeping the total amount to under 100ppm. Present in our white, rosé, red, and sparkling.

Bentonite Clay
This naturally-occurring, ultra-fine clay binds to proteins in the wine, then is carefully filtered out to help maintain clarity. Present in our white, rosé, red, and sparkling.

The difference between wine and grape juice, yeast kicks off the fermentation process. Our yeast is either indigenous to the grapes or certified for use in organic production. Present in our white and rosé.

Yeast Nutrient
A naturally-occurring product, our yeast nutrients assist with fermentation. Present in our rosé. 

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