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Recipes that pair perfectly with a glass of wine, by our co-founder Cameron Diaz

Welcome to Cameron's Recipe Collection

It's no secret that our co-founder, Cameron Diaz, loves to cook. Since she's shared so many of her signature recipes with us, we decided to create a dedicated recipe page that celebrates all of her delicious dishes. The best part? Each meal tastes even better when it's paired with a glass of Avaline.

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Creamy Mushroom Pasta with Garlic and Shallots

  • The perfect weeknight meal

    The best thing about this dish is that it comes together in about half an hour—the mix of mushrooms, garlic and shallots make your whole house smell amazing, and it's easy to make this recipe dairy-free, too. Just sub with oat milk or your favorite non-dairy option. Cameron loves to pair this pasta with our Red blend, but you can easily pair with with Cabernet or even White if you prefer.

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Cameron's go-to pairings for any winter dish

Cameron's Collection

  • Best Nachos

    The perfect snack for game day (or any day).

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  • Mushroom Crostini

    A simple appetizer that will wow your friends.

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  • Salmon Bowl

    A cozy rice bowl that's packed with flavor.

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  • Summer Salad

    Make Cameron's goop Kitchen Summer Crunch Salad at home.

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  • Deviled Eggs with Trout Roe

    Arielle Skye from Courage Bagels shared this festive snack with us.

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  • Honey-Roasted Feta

    Our friend Grace created the perfect, easy dinner party appetizer.

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  • Winter Arancini

    These risotto balls were made by our friend Vilda, and they're the perfect comfort food.

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