Your Guide to Throwing a Low Key Dinner Party

Your Guide to Throwing a Low Key Dinner Party

Our new Dinner Party Set is the perfect excuse to get some friends together and share a meal—but don't fret if elaborate meals aren't your forte. This set pairs just as well with a casual gathering as it does with one that's a bit more formal. Below are all the tips you need to throw a low key (read: simple) dinner party for a handful of friends.

Step One: Your friends arrive

Invite 6-7 guests who appreciate a good meal. We recommend that number based on our Avaline Drink Calculator. The Dinner Party Set includes 7 bottles, and that should be just enough for 7 people to enjoy over a long evening of eating, chatting and relaxing.

When your guests arrive, have some simple appetizers set out to pair with Sparkling. A charcuterie board is great, or keep it simple with a few cheeses and some crackers. Nuts and olives are also always a hit.

Pro tip: make sure your music is cued up and already playing before you open the door. Our friend Ashley Kane made the perfect playlist inspired by our Dinner Party Set.



Step Two: At the table

After an hour or so of snacking and chatting, light some candles and guide your friends to the dinner table. Serve your meal family-style with a salad and a loaf of bread (with butter and/or olive oil on the table, too!)

Set out open bottles of Red and Grenache Blanc to pass around. Don't be too precious with pairings—some of your friends will be white-lovers and will want to sip Grenache Blanc, while others are red-lovers only out to sip Red. Both wines will pair well with just about anything, so let your guests have a glass of their favorites.

Another great option: takeout! If you don't feel like cooking but want to get your friends together, order in from your favorite spot and transfer the food to your own plates. Who says a dinner party has to feature dinner made from scratch? Nobody!

Step Three: On the couch

Bring your bottle of Penedès Tinto to the coffee table along with a simple dessert (a couple of nice bars of chocolate or a plate of cookies are crowd-pleasers). This portion of the evening is all about getting cozy and settling in for quality time with your friends. Have a deck of cards nearby (better yet, tarot cards) in case you need a diversion, but you probably won't need them!


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