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The Blend

Red, White & Rosé — Clean cocktails for a long holiday weekend

  • Avaline Team
  • Jun, 28 2021

As the summer days grow ever longer, and ever hotter, we gladly accept any and every reason to slip an ice cube (or two) into our glasses. Inspired by lakeside afternoons of picking plump summer berries, overflowing citrus trees, and lush, fragrant garden beds — we worked with Los Angeles based mixologist, Blaze Powers, to create three Spritz recipes that tell the story of summer. 

Blaze focuses on quality, seasonal ingredients, accessibility, and creating an unforgettable drinking experience. We created these to be open to your interpretation; whether you want to add an extra squeeze of lemon, swap blackberries for blueberries, skip the sugar, or add an extra glug of wine, you do you! 

The one thing we know to be true is that you’ll want to double or triple the batch. We recommend serving in a large pitcher, topping with a splash of sparkling water and ice just before serving so you can have that *perfect* sip all afternoon. These will magically disappear, especially when sharing with a friend, so don’t forget to take photos first!

Blackberry & Lavender Spritz with Avaline Red

In a glass, muddle a handful of blackberries (about 5), lavender, and organic cane sugar (optional). Add a squeeze of a lemon wedge and about 3 oz Avaline Red — Feel free to add a splash more, we don’t judge. Strain into a short glass (AKA double rocks glass). Top with sparkling water and a couple ice cubes and a garnish of fresh blackberries. Sip on a sunny porch with a good book in hand, or under a shady tree. 


Lemon & Thyme Spritz with Avaline White

Muddle thyme and organic cane sugar (optional) in a glass. Squeeze the lemon and muddle again. Now for the good stuff, add 3 oz (3... 4... 5 oz? Who’s counting?) of Avaline White. Strain into a tall glass (like a Collins glass!). Finish with a few ice cubes, a splash of sparkling water, and a garnish of lemon & thyme. Pair it with a late afternoon breeze, a big sun hat, and an OOO reply. 


Strawberry & Basil Spritz with Avaline Rosé

Muddle the ripe strawberries, basil, and organic cane sugar (optional). Add about 3 long “Mississippis” of Avaline Rosé (some might call these ounces, but tomato / tomato). Strain into a wine glass, add ice and a splash of sparkling water. Garnish with the cutest strawberry in the basket, a basil leaf & voila! 



  • Gloria Stutts

    You’re Rose Wine is definitely worth it. It’s clean and very delicious, I appreciate the wine 🍷. It’s not full of sugar and I drink a lot of wine!! I have tried Biltmore but I wouldn’t recommend it. I love 💗 the wine. Take time love , loving is what makes living worthwhile.

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