Dressing Up for a Glass with Friends

Dressing Up for a Glass with Friends

Meet our friend Erika. She's a writer, living in Brooklyn by way of Iowa, with lots of bylines in fashion and beauty publications like Vogue, The Cut, Coveteur, Byrdie and The Zoe Report.

Her expertise? Secondhand (aka: sustainable) fashion. She's our go-to source for inspiration and advice on all things vintage, from the perfect thrift store find to incredible eBay scores.

She writes a newsletter called Long Live, a self-proclaimed love letter to the hunt, which includes a curated selection of the best vintage finds on the internet and musings on personal style (all written with the sharpest of ultra-relatable wit).

Read on to hear about how she'd style an outfit that's perfect for sharing a casual glass of wine with friends.

Hi Erika! Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you develop your interest in sustainable/secondhand fashion?

I’ve always, always loved clothes. My mom has a photo of one of my first babysitters dressing me in outfits for a makeshift fashion show when I was two. Growing up in Iowa, the most interesting clothes, the ones that reminded me of old movies and Vogue editorials, both of which I studied fervently, were at the thrift stores. Plus, the affordability allowed me reckless experimentation.

Take us through your process in putting together the perfect look for sipping wine with friends.

I love dressing up for my friends. So I might reach for something like a slip dress, either in silk or linen. Then I’d layer on an open Bode button up or maybe a cardigan draped over my shoulders. I’d opt for a basket bag and maybe some simple sandals. Ideally, I’m showing up with bodega flowers and a note. Friendship deserves romance. 

What’s your ideal sipping scenario?

The allure of the Saturday early evening drink remains a prized weekend ritual. Ideally, I’m with my husband and we’re snacking on olives and cheeses, making a dinner plan, and leaving our to do lists for Monday. 

A bottle contains about 5 glasses of wine—if you could choose 4 other people to share a glass with, whether they’re heroes of yours from history or they’re currently in your life, who would they be?

I think I’d like to arrange a literary wine tasting, though a party of writers can tend to be a bit awkward. I’ll share my bottle with Eve Babitz, Nora Ephron, Carmen Maria Machado, and Curtis Sittenfeld. 


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