A Spring Flower Arrangement with Gavin

A Spring Flower Arrangement with Gavin

Spring makes us think of only one thing: flowers. There's nothing better than a collection of fresh blooms on the table (alongside a bottle of wine).

Meet Gavin Kelleher of Snaggletooth Floral. She makes gorgeous bouquets from her home in Los Angeles, and we asked her if she'd be willing to share a bit about her process over a glass of wine. Read on to hear more about how Gavin got into the floral business, plus her best tips for making beautiful arrangements at home.


Tell us about yourself & your relationship to florals.

I have been working with flowers for a little over a year. Being a floral designer is something that I somewhat stumbled into but immediately knew: this was it! As a kid I grew up on a homestead, always in the garden making “fairy homes”, surrounded by books about plant medicine, permaculture and really anything involving the natural world. So, when I eventually found my way to floral design at twenty-one it only made sense. Flowers became my favorite way to celebrate all the in-betweens in life, big and small, they are a celebration of our mere existence in the simplest and sweetest way.

Do you have any tips & tricks for elevating an at-home floral arrangement?

I would say stay as playful and untethered to a specific outcome as possible. Find a focal flower that can provide some form of structure. I love anything tall and leggy—ranunculus are often a go-to. They can be used to create dimension, and have sturdy stems so you can get really playful with height.

I think one of the best parts of floral design is how intuitively all the colors blend together to make the best palettes. Just feel it out! Look for colors that meld together for a monochromatic arrangement, or add in bright funky colors with pastels for a livelier design.

When choosing flowers to design with, choose whatever makes you most excited. Play around with colors and have fun with it—eventually it'll feel like second nature.

Also, don't forget to refill your vase with water a couple of times to keep your blooms happy for longer!


"Flowers are my favorite way to celebrate all the in-betweens in life."

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