Embracing moderation in January with Avaline wine

A Modern Way to Sip

Last fall, we took a survey and found that many of you in our community (about 1 in 3) were considering taking a break from alcohol this January. We want you to know that if you’re not drinking this month, we support that choice. 

This January, we’re taking a modern approach to sipping by embracing moderation in all its forms. That can look like abstaining from drinking altogether, or maybe it’s reaching for low-ABV options, or cutting back to drinking only on the weekends. We’re here for all of it, and we’ll be sharing content throughout the month that highlights all of the different ways you can sip (or not sip) in moderation. Dry January? No problem. We love it. Damp January? That’s great, too.

For us, a glass of wine is about so much more than just alcohol. It’s about good food, sharing memories, and indulging in life’s simple pleasures. There are ways to celebrate the ritual that comes with a glass of wine without actually sipping wine.

So what do we have in store this month? We’ll be sharing recipes that can be paired with or without a glass of wine. We’re putting together a roundup of our favorite non-alcoholic options from brands we truly admire. We’ll give you some new spritz ideas that are as delicious without wine as they are with it. We’ll be offering up lots of information about our wines, so if you do want a glass, you know exactly what you're choosing to sip.

Cheers to the modern way to sip—a more expansive way of thinking about alcohol. You’re free to sip, or not sip, whenever you want.

With love, from Avaline


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