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Fall Entertaining with Jenni Kayne

When it comes to laid-back California living, no one does it quite like Jenni Kayne. We look to her brand for inspiration time and time again, whether it’s for our wardrobe, our living spaces or thoughtful (yet easy) entertaining. To celebrate the launch of our Cabernet and the changing season, we teamed up to bring you the dream fall gathering featuring classic tabletop essentials and a menu to swoon over. We found that the best gatherings always have three things in common: an inviting setting, a curated guest list, and a bottle of Avaline on the table. 

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We sat down with Jenni to learn some of her best entertaining tips. Plus, she shared her favorite pairing and a simple approach to keeping wine on hand for every gathering (hint: it’s great to have a house wine!)

Avaline: What do you look for in a wine to serve while entertaining?

Jenni: I always try to choose something that works with the meal I’m serving and the season we’re in, so for warmer months it’s usually white and rosé alongside lighter dishes, and for cooler times it’s red with heartier recipes. I also prefer natural wine because I feel better knowing I'm avoiding the extra sugar. 




Avaline: What are some of your favorite foolproof food & wine pairings?

Jenni: I love a classic grazing board with wine. I’ll chop up a bunch of veggies, fruit, and cheese, and then add bowls of nuts, olives, and a few dips with crackers. It’s so easy to throw together and never disappoints.

Avaline: What does an ideal evening enjoying a glass of wine look like to you?

Jenni: An ideal evening with wine always involves friends and loved ones. When it’s warm out, I love sitting outside with a chilled bottle of white wine, and in the winter you’ll find me sitting by the fire feeling cozy with some red.  

Avaline: How does enjoying a glass of wine fit into your overall wellness philosophy? Are common additives in wine, like sugar and dyes, a concern of yours?

Jenni: I try to be as intentional as I can with what I put into my body, so when it comes to wine, I’m always striving towards clean or organic. Life is about balance, so I’m going to enjoy my wine when I want it, but there’s something so nice about having brands to turn to who you can trust.

Avaline: What’s your approach to having wine on hand at home? Do you like to order by the case, or choose individual bottles to fit your mood?

Jenni: I have a wine cellar with different varieties and have deep inventory of the ones we drink a lot. But for everyday occasions, I think it’s nice to have 2-3 options with backstock of each—think of them as essentially your house wines. I’ll have one red, one white, and maybe something sparkling, but I like to change them yearly to try something new. 

Avaline: High-quality, organic materials are obviously very important to you, whether it’s a sweater or a piece of furniture or a skincare product—how does organic wine fit into your lifestyle?

Jenni: Living thoughtfully is so important to me, and that really comes down to everything from the products I use and the way I decorate my home to the ingredients that I call on to nourish my body. I try to eat organic as much as possible, so having wine that checks that box is incredible. 

Avaline: As someone who takes very good care of their skin, what are your thoughts on sugar? 

Jenni: I don’t eat refined sugar, which is one of the reasons why I love Avaline. It’s great to know that what I’m pouring and enjoying is made with natural ingredients and is free from additives. 


Head to Jenni’s blog, Rip & Tan, to find out all the details behind the gathering, plus the recipe for chef Melissa Norton’s gnocchi bolognese. 

"Life is about balance, so I’m going to enjoy my wine when I want it."

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