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Clean Wine 101

More than Cameron Diaz’ Wine: Why Our Founders Created Avaline

  • Linda Gonzalez
  • Feb, 12 2021

We sat down with our incredible founders, Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, to chat about clean wine and what makes Avaline, well, Avaline— from organic grapes to vegan wines, and making no unnecessary sugar *actually* delicious. Grab your favorite bottle of Avaline, twist off that cap, and pour yourself a glass. 

So, when did the Avaline wine journey all start for you?

Cameron Diaz: When I was in my 20s, I had a really unique experience where I got to taste some amazing wine. Having the opportunity to hear from experts and drink some delicious wine gave me a whole new appreciation for it. 

Fast forward to a few years ago, my good friend Katherine Power and I were catching up over a glass— as the wine started to flow, so did our conversation about it. We kind of had that moment where we were like, “God we love wine — what’s in it?” Can we really drink this? How can we drink more of it? We started asking questions about our wine; which is so crazy because I had never done that before. I kind of just assumed that it was fermented grapes. 

Katherine Power: We ask questions about everything else in our lives— Whether that’s our makeup products, skincare products, or the food we consume daily, we’re pushing for a way of living that is all things clean and organic. It never occurred to us that wine wouldn’t fall under this category. We were shocked to learn the ingredients that were added and the lack of transparency. The journey to learning more about the winemaking process and how to make it clean but just as delicious led us to create Avaline wine.

Avaline founders, Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power taking a picture with one of Avaline's wine producers

You both have been on this journey for a while. What has been the most surprising thing to learn about the wine industry?

Cameron Diaz: It’s hard to believe that we’ve been on this journey for three years! When we first set off in our research, I assumed all wine was made from organic grapes. It never occurred to me that wine could be made from anything other than a beautiful grape, but then we realized that there is in fact commercial farming in every category and no exception with wine.

One of the bigger surprises for us is that wine isn’t vegan. Who would have ever thought that an animal by-product could be used in the process of making wine? 

Katherine Power: I completely changed what I drank when I learned that concentrates and colorants were used in conventional winemaking, opting for organic and natural wines instead of the brands I used to buy at the grocery store. What was even more shocking is that the majority of US vineyards farm with harsh chemical pesticides. 

You aren’t a vegan, but why was it important to make Avaline vegan?

Cameron Diaz: Learning that not all wine is vegan really opened my eyes to the lack of transparency in the industry. The wine industry has somehow gotten away with not having to be transparent or disclose what’s in the bottle.. A lot of people might not care if animal by-products are used in the making of the wine, but we believe the consumer should be aware of that step so that they can make that decision for themselves. 

Katherine Powers: I know a lot of people that are vegan, and they were shocked when I told them that not all wine is vegan friendly. The demand for more transparency between brands and the consumer has only gotten louder over the years. We wanted our community to know that your well-being matters to us, and we vow to stay transparent. 

A bottle of Avaline Rosé next to a glass of Avaline Rosé
Birds eye view of Avaline White and Rosé with wine glasses surrounding the bottles.

It sounds like transparency was really a driving factor for you and Katherine. What else was at the top of your list of nonnegotiables?

Cameron Diaz: The wine industry allows over 70 ingredients to be added to a bottle, without disclosing any of them to the drinker. So we have quite the long list of “no’s.”  For Avaline, it’s pretty simple, our grapes are never treated with harsh chemical pesticides, we never use animal by-products, and we never add colors, concentrates or unnecessary sugars.

Katherine Powers: I’ve had so many friends say that they love that Avaline wines are low sugar. I think having the nutritional information for our community matters as much as ingredient transparency. We wanted to share that transparency on our website, so that the nutritional information is easily accessible, and you can find a full list of our ingredients, and the story behind the brand.

Tell us about choosing to use organic grapes in Avaline wine.

Cameron Diaz: It was really important to us to find vineyards that are generational and practice organic farming. Commercial farming adds a bunch of toxins and chemicals into the waterways and soil that leave a negative impact on our environment. I really appreciate all of the labeling and growth that has happened in the last 15-20 years within the organic space because I can tell a big difference between eating organic and non-organic foods. When creating Avaline, it was important to both Katherine and I to create a wine that is made with organic grapes and clearly states the ingredients, while being accessible to everyone but remaining completely organic.

Katherine Power: We wanted to create easy to drink, delicious wines that are made with organic grapes, are vegan, and are free from all of the unwanted extras, packaged in a bottle that’s easy to understand.

Close up shot of Avaline Sparkling, Red, White and Rosé bottles
Close up shot of Avaline White and Rosé bottles

The big question. How does it taste? Do you have a favorite?

Cameron Diaz: I’ll just say this. Avaline Red is one of my favorites but it’s like choosing your favorite child. I love them all the same.

Katherine Power: The White blend is so crisp and clean which I love, but our Rosé is truly the best I’ve ever had. 


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A natural by-product of fermentation, sulfites stabilize wine. While wine can legally have up to 350ppm of sulfites, we add just enough to ensure it consistently tastes great, always keeping the total amount to under 100ppm. Present in our white, rosé, red, and sparkling.

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