Gift Wrapping on the Go

Gift Wrapping on the Go

If you’re on your way to a party, a friend’s, or a last-minute dinner, don’t worry about showing up empty handed. Here’s a little guide to gifting (and wrapping) a bottle of Avaline, all while using only what you can find in a grocery store.

What You'll Need:

1 bottle of Avaline, 1 paper grocery bag, a pair of scissors, double-sided tape, twine or ribbon & a sprig of greenery.


1. Cut down the natural folds of your paper grocery bag, isolating one flat large side panel. Cut away the bottom panel. Lay your large panel on a flat surface (a car hood works great, or a seat inside your car).

2. Add some strips of double-sided tape to one short edge of your panel.

3. Place your wine bottle parallel to the short edge of your panel and center it. Start rolling the paper securely around the bag. Roll until the taped edges meet paper, and everything feels snug.

4. Push excess paper into the punt of your wine bottle (this is the concave, bowl-like divot at the bottom).

5. Cut a length of twine around 12 inches long. Wrap it around the paper that surrounds the neck of your bottle.

6. Tie a simple square knot that that it’s tight, then fasten any greenery you may have with a second knot and tie a bow.

    Voilà! Your bottle is wrapped and looking cute—and it shows a lot of thought, regardless of how last-minute it may have been ;-)

    A note about which wine to choose: this method works best with a room temperature bottle of wine, so if you’re comfortable gifting White, Rosé, or Sparkling without it being chilled, go for it, but Red is always a safe bet.

    Avaline gift wrapping on the go
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